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How to express myself and hear others

Drª. Setareh Fadaei


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O que irá aprender

The nature of human interaction
How to remove barriers in our interactions
To know our feelings and needs and how to express them
How to live in more harmony and peace with ourselves and others
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4 horas

Descrição do Curso:

It seems like no one can understand us. We have a hard time in expressing ourselves and what is happening inside us, so we step into lots of unplanned misunderstandings. But if we don’t know what’s alive in us, how can others understand? We all have the experience of interactions that feel like a heavy weight on our shoulders, which give us the sensation that we are not speaking in the same language! Interaction starts with the self, only after we get connected to our feelings and needs, we can truely get in touch with the outside world. In this course you will learn about the nature of interaction, and the barriers that can cause disconnections and misunderstandings. We will also learn how to get more connected to our feelings and needs and how to be in peace and harmony with ourselves and the outside world. At the end of the day we want to feel lighter and more joyful, and this course can help us to achieve that.


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Setareh Fadaei has concluded her Bachelors in psychology from the University of BIHE in Iran and her Masters in psychology (neurocognition and language) in October 2020 from the University of Porto, Portugal. Her research field is about expressive writing (writing about traumas) and electrodermal activity, how the body and the sympathetic nervous system reacts in the face of an expressive writing task. She is the organizer and facilitator of psychology workshops in the theme of effective communication, in English and Portuguese.  Moreover, she has been involved in the education of children and junior youths from 2015 and since then she has been an animator for junior youth groups. 

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