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Workshop – Basics to EEG and Brainwaves

Drª. Shilan Aslani


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O que irá aprender

Brain waves morphology and functionality
How to edit the EEG and prepare for the Quantitative EEG
The basic logic of the quantitative EEG evaluation
Basics of Brain maps analysis and interpretation
Profissionais de Saúde Mental
2 horas 30 Mins

Descrição do Curso:

In the journey of becoming a Neurofeedback practitioner, understanding the morphology of the brain waves are the most important and yet the most difficult step. By us being able to find and avoid artifacts we will increase the quality of our qEEG and also our Neurofeedback sessions. Therefore, in this workshop, we will focus on how to read EEG, and how to distinguish each brain wave, and more importantly, how to find artifacts with the naked eye.


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Neurocientista e Diretora da Clínica

Dra. Shilan has concluded her Doctorate degree in 2014, in the field of Neuroscience.
She has more than 10 years of research experience, in which the main focus has been the effect of stress on the morphology and functionality of the brain, metabolism, emotions, and behavior. Since 2015, she has been fully dedicated to studying, teaching, and performing Neurofeedback therapy.
At this moment besides being a Neurofeedback mentor, she is responsible for the analysis of the quantitative electroencephalogram (qEEG) evaluations, analysis of the Z-score brain maps, and the Neurofeedback treatment protocols and treatment plans at Neuroimprove clinic.

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